Finding Your Voice With Your Wedding Readings

At some point, someone (an officiant, a wedding planner) is going to hand you a list of wedding readings.

Throw it out!

If you don’t want the same wedding reading as half of the world’s population, you would do well to choose your own.

After all, there are no rules when it comes to wedding readings. A passage from Harry Potter can be just as appropriate and perhaps more meaningful to you than a sonnet by William Shakespeare.

Wedding Readings set the mood for the entire ceremony. They can be romantic, literary, traditional, contemporary, sentimental or instructive. You can use famous wedding poems or one written by a friend.

The more formal and traditional your wedding ceremony is, the more likely you are going to want to use traditional verses. If your ceremony is contemporary, you will feel more free to break out of the mold.

Religious ceremonies have their own pattern. For instance, in Catholic ceremonies there are four traditional readings, all of which come from the scriptures, although there are choices for each one.

One of my favorite wedding reading opportunities comes from favorite songs. Often, the people you want to have involved in your ceremony have limited vocal talents. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t read your favorite love song lyrics. Also, while the music might not be appropriate to the ceremony, the lyrics may express your feelings. Having a friend read the lyrics is a good compromise.

You can find Wedding Reading sites on the internet. These sites compile poems, prose, and other readings and break them down by type of ceremony.

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