Finding the Right Wedding Readings

Wedding readings are meant to share the couple’s idea of love and marriage with their closest friends and family. Readings can include all different texts with all different meanings. Your wedding readings can be sweet or funny, long or short, it really depends on what you as a couple would like.

Choosing Your Reading

As mentioned before, the readings you choose for your wedding should be special to you as a couple. When you first start looking, think of readings you know. Is there some particular reading or poem that you like? Are there authors or essayists that you and your future spouse like? If so, start by looking at material written by that person. If not, don’t worry about it. There are plenty of wedding websites that can help you find the right reading.

Next, you need to think about the message you want to convey. Do you want to talk about friendship? Laughter? Love? God? This will help narrow down your search.

As you’re searching, try to find a reading that is no longer than five minutes in length. Anything longer will test your audience’s attention span. If you find a long reading, just choose a portion of it to share with the group.

When to Give the Reading

Every wedding is different, but readings are typically given during the ceremony before the couple says their vows. It doesn’t matter who gives it. The pastor can give it. The bride’s father can give it or a good friend can give it.

To make your reading go smoothly, make sure to get the reading to whoever is reading at least a month before the wedding. This will give them plenty of time to review and practice the reading.

Make sure to ask the reader to introduce themselves when they take the stage. This will help the audience understand why you chose them to do the reading. Also, remember to invite the reader to your wedding rehearsal. It’s a good idea to have them run through even a portion of it. This will make them more comfortable giving the wedding readings in front of a large group.

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